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It’s Time, It’s Russo Time! - WrestleCorp Review Podcast

October 4, 2018

On this weeks episode, Chad and Zach talk;

#32 (February 12th, 2003)
- It's...Sandman?
- Sonny Siaki and Kid Kash stumble their way to a title match.
- THAT's what they consider a tournament?

#32 (February 19th, 2003)
- We've hit a new low for these interview segments, huh Sandman?
- Jonah.  Vader, Dusty, The Road Warriors and Jonah...
- Another 30 minute Russo promo.
- A main event with potential....that died.

Also, Zach is giddy about a recent purchase; find out more!

and more!

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